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PC and VLC IPTV Setup Guide

PC and VLC IPTV Setup Guide

Support for All IPTV Devices & APPs

VLC player is a popular, free-to-use application for streaming IPTV channels. The player is known for its efficiency. Is VLC Media Player really that great? Let’s take a look. VLC is a media player that is available for download on any device from the internet. It allows users to play cross-platform media, be portable and open source as well. VLC is widely adapted because it works on Android, iOSTizen, Windows Phone. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to record live programs using VLC. Here is PC and VLC IPTV Setup Guide.

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You need to download first and then install VLC Media Player, by following each step, on your Windows or Mac Computer. Please make sure you have downloaded your M3U file that we have provided for you.

Step 1: Browse to the download option in the app store where you can click to successfully install the player. For more internet browsers, you can visit the website. Where you will see the instructions.

Step 2: Open VLC Media Player

Step 3: Browse down to “Open Network Stream” Option.

Step 4: Just drag and drop the downloaded m3u file with your VLC or open it via Media > Open File > “Choose your .m3u file”

Step 5: Now you should be able to watch IPTV with VLC.

NOTE: To switch channels, go to “View” in the menu bar and navigate to “Playlist” (CTRL + L or CMD + L on MAC) IPTV m3u. You will now see a list of channels that you can select, or you can use the search function to find a channel.

All done. Now you know that it should be good to watch your favorite TV channels with VLC media player!


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